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Memory....is the diary that we all carry about with us. ~Oscar Wilde~

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Water Baby....

I posted a few new pictures of Olivia playing in the water. She loves the water! I am not so sure she understands that the water is not something you can breath in though....For instance, the day we were at the pool she decided that she liked her face in the water, all of the time. This is a tough one to explain to her because all she really cares about is having the water on her face. So while I was dragging her out of the pool, because people thought I was trying to drown her (I am sure of this), I tried to explain to her that she can put her face in the water for a second, however she cannot keep it there! She still continued to roll around in the shallow end and continuously put her face in the water. Another thing she loves to do at the pool is jump into the water. This is awesome for a one and a half year old to jump into the water with no fear, but only awesome when someone is there to catch her. She apparently believes that she can jump in, at any point in time, and we will miraculously catch her. Even if we are 10 feet away, we should be able to catch her. I believe this "no fear" attitude comes from her father, he does jump out of perfectly good airplanes just for kicks...He also had a pool growing up and believed that he was invincible, his mother has told me this. They are so much alike it is like seeing my husband in a miniture sizw of a girl....

Jumping or Hopping?

Olivia began trying to hop or jump, not sure which one it is. She looks so cute running around the house trying to hop on on foot...It's not really a hop, it is kind of like one leg comes up, then a spastic movement from her body, and then a giggle....because she thinks both feet came off of the ground. It is pretty funny to watch, I will post a video about it later today!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The guilty mom vs The guilty employee....

Why is it that we feel guilty when we miss work to take care of our family? Why does society put this dark cloud over you if you decide that your family comes before your career? I certainly feel that way when I take care of my family in place of work. It is a constant tug of war that I am tired of playing with! It is such a waste of my time and energy that could be spent elsewhere, such as taking care of my family....So this is where I am at; my family will always come first and my job second. I will never again feel guilty because I spent time away from work to take care of my family. I just hope that I am not the only mom who feels this way.....

After all of the trouble...FINALLY!

So I have had quite a bit of trouble with Olivia's "doctor". I did doctor in quotation marks because she seems to see a different one every time we go, which means that no one tracks her care. So I went to another appointment about 2 months ago and refused to leave the office until the doctor gave me a refferal to an ENT doctor for the 12 ear infections she has had since she was born! So I got the refferal, got the tubes, got the speech therapy, and was about to switch her to an off post peds office when....I took her to the doctor's today for a fever and the lady at the desk told me that I needed to check in at the peds desk. I told her that no, unfortunately, I am in the Family Practice Clinic and am supposed to check in here. She said that "someone", probably her ENT doctor after many threats, switched her to the peds clinic! I met with her regular doctor and she was great. She actually wanted to know about her past medical history! She was concerned about her fever and she wanted me to call her with the medication she was on. Crazy right? After all of the trouble we have gone through, someone finally got the right idea! I'm so excited!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Where we are....

Olivia had her first surgery yesterday...tubes in the ears. It was a scary mom moment for me, but I did not cry! I just sulked in the waiting room for about fifteen minutes. They came and got me soon after and she was done! So now we will wait and see if her hearing improves. It has been an interesting roller coaster the past few months with all that has been going on with her. She was diagnosed with a hearing impairment and the doctor is hoping that this improves her hearing. Unfortunatly her hearing is double the loss of normal hearing loss for children who need tubes in their ears....So we will wait and see.
I was working during this whole time at this new job that I got. I have decided to go ahead and quit...I analyzed and overanalyzed and prayed about it. I came to the conclusion that if I wanted my child to "catch up" to where other children her age were, then I needed to stay home with her and work one on one. She is going to speech therapy and lots of doctor's appointments; this equals barely any time at work. So that is where I am right now....

The soul is healed by being with children. ~Fyodor Dostoevsky~

The soul is healed by being with children. ~Fyodor Dostoevsky~


When you look at your life, the greatest happinnesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers~

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ~Confucius

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.  ~Confucius

Stay a child while you can be a child. ~Stephen Sondheim~

Stay a child while you can be a child. ~Stephen Sondheim~


The great advantage of living in a large family is that early lesson of life's essential unfairness. ~Nancy Mitford~

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